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Ferrosilicon in steel mills and casting as the source of silicon is used. Also in plain carbon steel, low alloy and high-alloy deoxygenation to use in the production of Ferro Alloys silico method of thermite is used.
Silicon role of alloying element in steel production in nuclear electrical transformers and electro is used.
Ferrosilicon as a supplier of silicon to gray and ductile iron casting rate of 3% is used.
The material forming the base Ferrosilicon analysis ferrosilico cast magnesium and modifiers.
As part of the wire coating composition (flower pots) in some welding electrodes used.


Physical properties

melting point Bulk density Special Weight
1240 - 1350 1.6 3.2

Grading (mm)

  • (10 - 100)
  • (60 - 80)
  • (10 - 60)
  • (3 - 10)
  • (0 - 3)
  • Major applications

    • Operating deoxidizer in steel
    • That increase in the production of steel and iron alloy of silicon high silica
    • Factors modifiers in graphite cast iron (spherical knotted sheets)
    • The magnesium ferrosilicon alloys for the production of ferro manganese and silicon
    • For the production of graphite electrodes used in welding


    • 1 MT Big Bag
    • Bulk in container
    • FeSi (0-3)mm in 10kg bags

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