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Mr. Ali Asghar Hajibaba (1931-2020) - one of the most significant iron merchants- founded Pars Metal Co. in 1963, hoping that Iran move toward industrialisation.
Later he worked hard on founding chauffagekar Co. – a manufacturer of central heating cast iron boilers in 1969.
As an experienced entrepreneur and interested individual to establishment of industries and due to numerous skills which he had obtained in the very field; shortly after revolution of 1979 was appointed to membership of Iran National Co. BOD.

Mr. Hajibaba founded ‘Iran Ferrosilicon’, ‘Iran Model Molding’ and ‘Resitan- a producer of various resins’ by aiming at the country economy development and promotion of industry level in 1982. Then he invested in manufacturing units.

Under presidency of Seyed Mohammad Khatami; Hajibaba was a member of advisory council for ministry of mines & industries for a four-year period. Besides being deputy head of Chamber of Commerce for agricultural and mines industries of Semnan Province and four rounds of membership in Tehran and Iran Chamber of Commerce; he was member for Iran-Belgium & Iran-Germany Chambers of Commerce.

Some general activities of Mr. Hajibaba:

  • • Founder, chairman of the board and vice-president of Industrial managers association.
  • • Founder and chairman of the board of Iran ferroalloys industries employer association
  • • Founder, chairman of the board of Development of exports of industrial goods, mining and engineering services fund
  • • Founder and membre of Exports Association of Mining, Industrial Product and Engineering Services
  • • Member of Iran foundry syndicated
  • • Member of Iran foundry ‘men society

Meanwhile, all the established units as follows by Mr. Ali Asghar Hajibaba, are one of the first working plants in this field of industry in Iran.

  • • Establishment of the first ferrosilicon production plant in Semnan province
  • • Establishment of the first foundry plant in Iran
  • • Launch of the first plant of gray cost iron from iron scrap in pars metal factory
  • • Launch of the first induction furnace in Iran