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Iran Ferroalloy Industries Company

Iran Ferroalloy Industries Co. was established with the aim of producing Ferrosilicon as a supplier of one of the raw materials of steel and cast iron industries in 1986 in an area of 70 hectares and was officially launched in February, 1993.

At present, the factory with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of Ferrosilicon and 20,000 tons of microsilica powder with three furnaces is the largest producer and exporter of Ferrocylsium in Iran and the Middle East.
Ferosilicon master alloys of iron and silicon through the heating and melting of iron oxide and silica revival of quartz by carbon materials such as coal, metallurgical coke and charcoal is produced in electric arc furnaces.
Micro silica powder (Microsilica, silicaFume) is a by-product of the process of producing Ferrosilicon in an electric arc furnace. The microsilica powder has a Super Pozzolanic property and is widely used in offshore structures, structures with high strength and class of all structures exposed to chemical attack, especially chlorine and sulfate ions.

Of the main reasons for setting up the factory in this city are the followings:
  • The Rich resources of silica of the area as one of the most important raw materials for producing this product
  • The Proximity to steel production
  • The creation of infrastructure industries in Deprived areas
  • Creating employment opportunities in the disadvantaged areas
  • Elimination of dependency
  • Suitable Export conditions