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Social Activity

Organizational responsibility based on the ISO 26000 standard is the responsibility of an organization to deal with the effects and consequences of its actions and decisions on the community and the environment that must be conducted with ethical transparency and attitude.


It goes on to say that these measures should contribute to the sustainable development of the community, meet the health and welfare of society, respond to the expectations and needs of the stakeholders, coherent with the laws and regulations of the community, observe the norms of the world, and ultimately Consistency and integrity.

Social responsibility is Respecting to individuals, organizations and the environment and being sensitive to social, transgender and inalienable issues. In addition to gaining profits, companies will take responsibility for the effects and consequences of their activities on all stakeholders from the community to the motherearth.


Iran Ferroalloy Industries Company is keenly aware of these responsibilities and, in addition to defining its responsibilities, has contributed to solving various issues of society within the framework of observance of the corporate social responsibility principle.


Therefore, defining and implementing programs in the humanitarian and public spheres, in the field of education, roads and rural infrastructure development, cultural development, environmental protection, energy management, as well as the support of charities, has been chosen as one of its organizational priorities.